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Monthly Summary: April

Sunday, 28 April 2013

You might have noticed a distinct lack of Sunday Summaries lately. To be honest, we're all busy people and sometimes we find it hard to update every week, particularly if we're out and about on a Sunday.  So we've decided to switch to monthly, not weekly updates. We'll still be posting regularly on here of course, and if you ever want to know specifically how we are doing, just give us a shout on Twitter!

We've got lots of stuff coming up in May which we hope you'll like, but if there's anything you'd like to see more or, give us a shout in the comments. We're also always looking for bloggers to guest post their personal stories about diet, exercise and health and whatnot, so get in touch!

Sarah V - April has been a great month for me. I've lost over a stone and a half now and hit my 10% target at Weight Watchers. In the last week or two, I've suddenly noticed the change in my body - clothes are fitting better and I can really see how much smaller my waist and my pot belly have become. I feel a lot better in myself, and am so much more active - I find myself planning ways to incorporate extra walking into my routine which I would never have done a few months ago. In May, I want to get to two stone. I'm 5.5lbs off it at the moment which sounds fairly obtainable, so I'm going to step up the exercise so that I can get there by the time June starts. I still have more I want to lose, but I do really feel like I'm getting there which is a fantastic feeling.

Gem -I really struggled to get back on track once I started full time work and switched to online only Weight Watchers. I found a class that fitted in with my work schedule but I hated it and really didn't want to go back but I didn't give up. I found a local class on a Saturday morning with a brand new leader and all new members. It feels like we are all starting the plan together and everyone is super supportive there. I had my first weigh in back this week and I lost 3lbs. I'm so happy and feel like I can finally work towards my -100lbs goal. I'm currently 5 stone 4lbs down from my start weight and I'm aiming to be -6 stone by the end of June. I have a trip to Amsterdam and London in the way but it's a realistic goal.

Rosie - I've missed a few Sunday Summaries not only because I've been busy but also because I've been conscious of not having anything to share.  In December last year I shared that I'd hit my 10 week pledge target and managed to beat it by getting down to 127 lbs.  Now, five months later, I am.... 129 lbs.  I'm not worried about having put a couple of pounds on but I have felt that having not lost any weight for a few months means I don't really have anything to contribute to Where Are My Knees.  I hope that that's wrong however, because although I've plateaued and struggled to go beyond the weight loss I saw at the end of last year, I've also maintained.  And for the first time in a long, long time, I have moments where I look in the mirror and feel happy with my weight.  I hope that what I can bring to Where Are My Knees from now on is reflections on how to maintain weight after a loss, healthy eating tips (because I have completely changed my eating habits) and more on exercise, particularly running.  I've got back into running again over the last couple of weeks and it's an amazing feeling - being able to run 10ks at the weekends makes me really happy and feels like such an achievement.  This month I'm going to Greece in the second week and my goal to feel happy and confident in a bikini.  That would be a phenomenal gain for me.

Sarah - I have given up at this moment in time :(  I just cannot focus on weight loss with all the house stress going on around me.  I had no idea it would be so stressful and all consuming.  I don't even want to tell you the kind of crap I have been eating my body weight in.  Rather embarrassing that I haven't managed to get to the point where I can control my food intake regardless of what is going on around me.  Since my last update I have managed to gain 7lbs.  Yep you read that right, a whole half stone.  Knowing how hard this was to lose and how easily I have gained it really annoys me and come two weeks when I finally move into my new home I am going to kick it's ass and get back on track.  I will be going back on The Harcombe Diet as the clean eating/low carbing plan really suited me and I found it relatively easy to stick to.  I did dabble with the 5:2 plan earlier this week but after one day on 500 calories know it's not the plan for me.  There is no way I can cope with feeling so weak and dizzy and ending up with a massive headache twice a week, just isn't worth it.

How's April been for you?


  1. I'm really not a fan of diets, but I've been sneakily trying the 5:2 plan as well as I've seen people have a lot of success on it.

    I find it easier being super good for two days than being on a plan 24/7. Although I do get really tired by the end of the day and I'm worried that I over compensate on the other 'eat what you like' days. We'll see!

    I'd love to see more recipe posts and I like the 'day in the life of' ones :) x

  2. Girls I'm so proud of you, you have a lot more willpower than me, Sarah V congrats on hitting the target! Hang in there girls :) I'd love to see more meal plans :)

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    Oh, also I'd love if you'd vote for me in the Company blog awards, best fashion - newcomer, thanks :)

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