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Review - Nakd Bars

Thursday, 18 April 2013

When I started doing 'clean eating' last year, one of the major things I immediately missed was my treat of a sweet snack in the afternoon.  No more Fudge bars, no more bags of Haribo and no more biscuits from the tin in the staff room.  On the plus side, I wasn't falling asleep at my desk at 4pm.  On the down side, my stomach would growl mid-afternoon and my cup of tea started feeling a little bit lonely.

I have always been hugely jealous of people who love fruit.  My boyfriend Tom would choose a fruit salad over any dessert on the menu and I have friends who will savour every bite of their afternoon apple and find it infinitely more satisfying than a chocolate digestive.  Personally, I am a sugar fiend.  And not eating all of those processed treats that were the foundation of my afternoons (and, my waistline, prior to starting clean eating) was tough.  At that time I was getting guidance from my personal trainer, Charis, who directed me towards Nakd bars.  Luckily they are not a suspicious sounding nightspot but instead they are a snack bar made from all natural ingredients like fruit and nuts, and they're also wheat, dairy and gluten free.  Most excitingly they come in a range of amazing flavours, like Ginger Breat below, also Cocoa Orange, Rhubarb and Custard, Cashew Cookie and Apple Pie amongst others.  They feel like such a treat and are absolutely delicious - they really stave off my sugary snack craving.

pack of 18 nakd bars* - £13.99
Nakd bars are available in supermarkets in packs or individually, or you can buy them in bulk at Natural Balance Foods.  The pack of 18 bars of Ginger Bread above costs £13.99, which is a bit of a bargain if you consider that they're about 75p individually.  Natural Balance Foods is a great website if you're looking to pick up healthy snacks and they also sell a range of Protein Bars as well as the Nakd bars.

I love all of the flavours of Nakd bars but the Ginger Bread is amazing, it really tastes like Gingerbread cake and has a really Christmassy feel, probably due to the ginger, cloves and cinnamon.  Its other ingredients are dates, almonds and pecans and that's it - no added sugar and nothing artificial.

I believe that the Nakd bars vary in terms of their ProPoints if you're on Weight Watchers.  The Banana Bread flavour is 2pp, Cocoa Mint is 3pp and Cocoa Orange is 4pp.  I think that for people on Slimming World they vary between 7-11.5 syns because of the natural fruit sugars.  So they might still be viewed as a treat depending on what diet you're following, but you can take comfort in knowing you're not putting anything artificial or processed into your body.  Have you tried Nakd bars?


  1. oooh thanks for the heads up about the propoints, they are quite low considering most chocolate bars are about 7 propoints.

  2. I might need to try these out!

  3. Very berry is my fave! But does that box of 18 not work out at around 77p per bar??

  4. love nakd bars, have been a favourite of mine for around a year now! cocoa loco and cocoa orange are my fave :)

  5. I love Nakd bars. Never tried the gingerbread ones before. Whenever I crave something naughty and chocolatey I try and stop at the health food shop and grab one of these. But you're right, individually they are quite expensive!!

    Jen | sunny sweet pea xx

  6. So glad to hear other people are enjoying these so much - I love them! Also, I couldn't agree more - the cocoa orange flavour satisfies my chocolate tooth so well:)

    The bars I bought were 75p each, but I made a GORGEOUS batch (very worth a try if you're interested) that worked out about 29p each (so you can make a batch of 16 for the same price as buying 6!).
    Good for the waistline and the purse!

  7. 18 x 75p = £13.50. Paying £13.99 is not "a bit of a bargain", it is paying an extra 49p.

    1. Yeah, that struck me as odd. On the other hand, you can order the same-sized pack for something like £8 on Amazon so that one is recommended.

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