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Sunday Summary 80

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Gemma -Another week where I can't report an amazing weight loss but I am feeling very positive. I had a meeting with Weight Watchers in London on Thursday along with a few other bloggers (including WAMKs very own Lauren) and I can't wait to start fresh in 2013. There is a new approach to the plan and I will be set little challenges for the first three months of the new year. I will reveal more about this in the new year, looking forward to finally reaching goal and I think this project will help.

Me and Lauren on the tube after our WW meeting

I also got to hang out with another Team WAMK member this week, Sarah! I will admit to eating more than one of her cupcakes at the Clothes Show Live yesterday. Ooops.

Rosie - I hope it's okay to say this, but I'm really proud of myself today.  For someone that has an almost permanent sense of guilt and is perpetually cross with myself about something, that's a big deal.  I've been working hard for the last couple of months and this morning heralded two achievements for me - hitting my 10 week pledge target weight, and running my furthest distance.

You might know from my writings on here that before July I'd never run before and couldn't run further than a few metres without my lungs burning and my feeling like I was going to be sick.  So running over 10k today is a huge achievement for me and something I honestly never dreamed was possible - even when I started running I laughed at people telling I might one day be able to run a 5k!  I now run before work a couple of times a week and it's become part of my routine and part of my lifestyle.  I am testament to the fact that anyone can run if they have the inclination.

My ten week pledge was to lose 10 lbs from my weight of 139 lbs in mid October.  Since then I've been running, doing 2-3 exercise classes a week and eating healthily and so, if I'm honest, my meeting my target has been the result of sheer bloody hard work! I have three Christmas meals coming up over the next few weeks so I'm going to carry on what I'm doing but let myself relax a bit and with a bit of discipline I can fit into a size 10 dress for one of these celebrations.  I'm now a healthy weight for my height so my focus now is on toning; I have a lot of flab around my belly that needs to be waved goodbye to!

Lauren - like Rosie I too am really proud of myself this week, although not for weight or exercise related things (more's the pity!). The week got off to a bad start and went rapidly downhill foodwise but after attending the Weight Watchers New Approach Bloggers Event on Thursday morning with Gemma I seem to have really reigned it in. I have been the exemplification of a Weight Watchers angel over the weekend, pointing everything when normally I would have said to myself 'its the weekend' and just gone crazy! I even went out for a bike ride this morning with my dad and actually enjoyed it! I'm still nowhere near my 10 Week Pledge weight but I'm hoping that I can lose another couple of lbs before Christmas Eve and also try not to go too mad over the festive period - I don't want to spend all of January losing the weight that I gained over the course of ten days at Christmas.

I'm also feeling extremely proud of myself this week for taking the plunge and baring all over on A Little Less Of Lauren. It wasn't an easy thing for me to do, but I was raging after a size 8 friend of mine was told she has 'thunder thighs' on a night out, and it brought it home more than ever the negativity that's bred from societal expectations of young men and women. It makes me so angry that people are made to feel unworthy because of some arbitrary picture on the front of a magazine. I don't want to go all hippie and self-help on you here, but why shouldn't we celebrate our bodies and what we've achieved?! Whether you're at goal, halfway there or just beginning we should all celebrate our triumphs and stop comparing ourselves to the people on the front of Closer - because we're never going to be those people. My body isn't perfect, but its a hell of a lot better than it was this time three years ago and I'm taking steps to make it even better - and that is far more important than any stretchmarks, loose skin or wobbly bits.

Chris - I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say Lauren, I would. Phwoar, and etc. And also, well done of course; it takes a huge amount of nerve to post pictures like that online, and I think all of WAMK are proud of you for taking the plunge.

I have been a massive pile of ill, busy and injury recently: I had to abandon my six day shred after really seriously hurting one of my arms doing Body Combat - TOP TIP: When they tell you to have rest days, they mean it. I've also been having some knee trouble, which means that my ten week pledge has been shot in the head like an old, lame dog - mainly before somebody has to do it to me.

Then, I got myself a stinker of a cold that has lasted until aroundabout now, which has meant that my time in the gym has been seriously limited - and that, combined with a trip to London (and thus eating all the food) means that I've put on a couple of pounds - boo.

My works Christmas party was this weekend as well, so now that's over I plan on being extra super good for the next fortnight before Santa comes - although the other half returning from shopping in Chester with a massive bag of sweets as a thank you for nursing her through a hangover yesterday wasn't the best start...


  1. You are all doing great! I think I'm right in saying that there are two weeks left of the teen week pledge, which is plenty of time to make a difference. Not gaining is hard this time of year, so I'm happy if I maintain!

  2. Doing great.
    Keep up the good work everyone :)

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