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Sunday Summary #39

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sorry for missing Sunday Summary last week!

Gemma- Well I lost 0.5 lb last week which was to be expected after all the cocktails and champagne, not too bad at all. I couldn't attend class this week because I went to the Bristol meet up but I weighed at home and I had put about 1lb on. After a few weeks of excess I'm fine with that. I'm going to have a few weeks off the diet. I'm not going to go mad, I will keep a food diary but wont say no to everything at Christmas parties. Christmas only comes once a year and I really miss cheese! How are you planning to cope with Christmas?

Sarah V - Like Gemma, I'm letting myself have a few weeks off. My weight has really fluctuated over the last 6 months but currently I'm about 7lbs less than I was when we started WAMK so at least if I do gain over Christmas, I've got a 'head start', as it were. The hardest thing about being 'off diet' is not eating for the sake of it so I'm trying to stick to my soup for lunch when I can... but next week I have about six meals out so I fear it will all fall by the wayside! I'm just not going to worry too much and then really hit the diet full on in January when there's a lot less temptation around!

Sarah - I'm back after an amazing honeymoon and although I haven't been officially weighed yet I think I have put 7lbs on.  Like the other girls I am not going to worry about it over Christmas and am just going to try and get thru the festive period without any further gains.  It's going to be tough as all I want to eat at the moment is junk food :(

We are going to take a little break from Sunday summaries over the festive period but we will report back on our progress in the new year!


  1. I lost 1.5lbs this week and ive been asked to model in a SW fashion show! how cool is that. I was so happy with this weeks loss because idhad a huge night out but still wanted a loss before xmas week x

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  3. You guys are all doing really well, but I hope you've gone easy on yourself over Christmas xx


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