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Sunday Summary #38

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Gemma- I lost 1lb this week, not amazing but still a loss. I'm hoping for a loss of 1lb or 0.5 this week because I have two events which will include cocktails, canapes, bubbly and a pizza. I plan on having just two cocktails and drinking soft drinks in between and then going for a Leggera at Pizza Express which will be about 15 pro points. I have started to plan ahead for Christmas and buy a few things that I will be able to eat without feeling guilty and banned my mother from buying huge tins of Roses and shortbread. I anticipate a 3lb gain over Christmas but I refuse to put any more on!

Sarah V - I couldn't make it to my weigh in this week but I hopped on the scales this morning and it looks like I'm down 2lbs! It's getting harder and harder to resist temptation now that Christmas is drawing ever closer, and I know that I'll let myself have more treats over the break, I'm just trying to stick with my soups and salads in the meantime so that I minimise the damage!

Charlene - My Zaggora hotpants arrived this week and I'm looking forward to trying them out after Sarah gave them a good review a few months ago. Ate and drank a bit too much this week, I'm such a slacker. :(

How was your week?


  1. heyy cool blog! if i wanted to lose a dress size, in my opinion, i'd buy a dress in the size i wanted to get down to - a GORGEOUSSSSS dress and i'd hang it up in my bedroom. that way i'd see it everyday & i'd longgggg to wear it so that would keep me motivated to lose the inches!! :P Xx

  2. I agree that its getting so much harder now christmas is getting closer! I am havings an advent calender choc a day but being as good as i can the rest of the time!!! XXXX