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Sunday Summary #22

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Happy Sunday everyone! Eeek, it's 20 past midnight - technically still Sunday right?!

Sarah V - I've been a bit poorly this week so missed my slimming class and didn't do any exercise. I haven't really lost my appetite, but I also haven't really felt like snacking, either. So I've been eating pretty well, and as of this weekend, the scales were looking pretty positive. I'll know for sure next Tuesday though - I am away visiting friends this weekend which always tests my dieting resolve!

Sarah - I've had a chat with my Slimming World consultant to try and find my missing motivation.  I had gained 1lb by the time I went to class on Thursday so I need to turn things around pretty quickly.  I still weigh the same as I did last Sunday so I have managed to undo this already and am now determined to get a good loss this week!  I know what I need to do its just finding the willpower to stick to it oh and I need to find the inclination to start the 30 day shred again and to stop just talking about doing it!

Gemma - I didn't weigh in last week because it was my birthday but I did go this week and I stayed the same (boohoo). I have eaten out loads over the week because of my birthday and on Friday when I went to the South West blogger meet up but I take my Weight Watchers 'Eating Out Guide' with me everywhere so I always knew what the low point options are. I haven't had any alcohol this week so I'm hoping for a good loss next Friday. I have a wedding in 8 weeks and my dress fits but it is very tight so my next mission is for that dress to fit and look fabulous at the wedding!

Charlene -  I've had quite a good week! I went running for the first time in a long while and managed to run 3.6k at what I think was a record time for myself! It was raining and getting dark which is why I think I pushed myself harder - I just wanted to be home. I've done quite well dietwise too. I've got a sweet tooth so I've realised that I'll never be able to cut out things like chocolate or cake but I feel a bit more in control of how much I eat when I do have a craving. Hoping to do more running this week and some arm exercises. Does anyone know any specific exercises that are good for the dreaded bingo wings?

Lucy - 


  1. Summer is always best and worst time to lose weight. You always do more and go out places so have to be careful with decisons make. But also you want to live off salad when the sun is out!

    Weights is probably best thing for bingo wings tbh, if you dont have any use tins of beans or something.

    Good luck for next week girls

  2. dreaded bingo wings, not that I have had much success getting rid of mine but thats due to laziness, but tricep curls are what you want, I try and
    do this everyday - go on all fours but with back to the floor and try to push yourself up and down using only your arms and not momentum or just moving your bum up and down, keep arms as close to your body as possible with your fingers pointed toward your feet.

    put a song on, quite a short one, but that has a good bouncy rhythm and don't count reps but try and just make it to the end of the song, I use rihanna only girl in the world in a combo of sit ups and tricep push ups.

    hope that helps and makes sense!

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