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My All Bran 5 Day Challenge Experience

Monday, 13 October 2014

You may eat a very healthy diet but it doesn't necessarily mean you are getting enough fibre. A lot of diets promote a high protein intake and reducing portions so fibre can be really lacking from your diet which can lead to all sorts of issues. Many people suffer from symptoms of digestive discomfort such as bloating and feelings of sluggishness from time to time. In fact, research estimates around 40% of the population suffer from bloating regularly.Symptoms can often becomes worse when we are irregular and have a slow digestive transit time, which is where eating enough fibre, especially wheat bran fibre may help.

The recommended GDA of fiber is 25g per day and most adults consume only 12g per day which is pretty shocking. You can get half of that 25g allowance in just one bowl of All Bran and if you eat plenty of fresh vegetables you will soon hit the daily target. I eat crumpets for breakfast most days but opt for weetabix or cheerios if I'm in a rush so I was keen to try something new and I had five different flavours of All Bran to try so I knew I wouldn't be bored by the challenge I was going to undertake. 

My 5 Day Challenge experience

I took part in the 5 Day Challenge and I was shocked at the difference it made after only a couple of days.  I had Kellogg's All-Bran every morning for breakfast, topped with skimmed milk and fruit. I noticed that the increase of fibre in my diet made me feel great and far less bloated. If your normal diet lacks fibre, you will notice a massive difference in just a couple of days.

I had lots of flavours to try out and really enjoyed eating something different everyday. It can be so dull having the same old breakfast and this challenge definitely helped me to eat more fruit and mix things up. 

I had to make sure to drink 2L+ of water because for fibre to work effectively, it needs to absorb water. That’s because fluids help to form the soft, bulky mass that is passed through the body and turned into waste. Not enough water can lead to constipation and an uncomfortable, bloated feeling so make sure you drink enough. Water, tea, coffee, fruit juice, squash, soft drinks, vegetables juices and even soups count towards fluid intake.

Will I continue eating All-Bran?

As a healthy eater and someone following a diet plan, I usually include enough fibre in my diet, but I will definitely repurchase All Bran Original and Bran Flakes. As much as I loved the ones with added dried fruit they came in at around 9 ProPoints a bowl so adding fresh fruit rather than eating ones with dried fruit fits in better with my Weight Watchers plan.

If you want to take part in the 5 Day Challenge like me take a look at the All-Bran challenge page.


  1. I'm glad this worked for you. I ate All Bran for years because of the fiber content. During the last year, I switched to porridge. For one thing, it's cheaper and I need to watch my money now I'm retired. The second benefit is that whole oats must contain fiber too.

  2. Ooo looks good. I have to say that I need to increase my fibre intake too. Sounds like this is a tasty way of doing so!

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