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Sunday Summary 71

Sunday, 30 September 2012

As you can see from the photo we have all just arrived back from a lovely weekend away meeting other bloggers as well as it being the first time that the whole of the Where Are My Knees team were able to meet in person. Along with this weekend meetup we have all been enduring hectic schedules of festivals, holidays and other weekends away, but the good news is we're all back and raring to get back stuck into lots of new posts for Where Are My Knees.  We're also excited to have a lovely, fresh new design and we hope you love it as much as we do.

The other good news is that we've now had an opportunity to consider all of the applications for the final member of the team.  We want to thank everyone who took the time to apply (we had over 100 applications!!) and it was such a hard decision to come to. After much deliberation we are really pleased to announce that our new member is... Chris!

Chris will introduce himself tomorrow but you can go an say hello to him on twitter or read a little bit more about him and his incredible weight loss story in the guest post he did for us this time last year.



  1. A bold and brilliant decision to include a guy as your new member. How refreshing. Chris' input will definitely help shake off the myth that only women diet. I look forward to reading his posts. The blogger weekend sounds fab too! X

  2. Ooh, I've just noticed I have a label and everything now.

  3. A brilliant decision, not enough men talk openly about their weight loss journeys! Looking forward to your first post Chris! xx

  4. Rosie I love your jacket please can you let me know where it is from???

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