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Sunday Summary 70

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lauren - For some reason our Sunday Summary last week didn't publish - oops! Here is what would have been my update for this time last week, as without it this weeks update doesn't really make an awful lot of sense...

After reading Sarah's review of Slimfast I decided to give it a go as a bit of a kick-start. It definitely worked and I lost 5.5lbs last week! After tweeting about it I was contacted by Slimfast and offered some more products to review, so I'll be carrying on for another week or so before returning to ProPoints - hopefully in a much better mindset when it comes to eating healthily and making sensible decisions! I had a bit of an indulgent weekend so I'm hoping it didn't undo too much of the good work from last week and that I see another good loss on Friday!
Unfortunately I didn't get another good loss this Friday!! What I didn't count on was a huge increase in social events that involved eating out - work lunches, drinks with colleagues, early birthday celebrations...etc. In the end I decided that trialling Slimfast last week would be a bit redundant - whats the point in being good all day if you know that you're going out for dinner and few drinks in the evening and will struggle to keep track of your calories? I ate as healthily as I could whenever I was out but I will admit to having A LOT to drink over the course of the week which I think is the main reason for a 1.5lb gain. But for not having counted, pointed, tracked or even indeed worried about it too much, I don't think thats such bad going! Sometimes you just have to enjoy life and make the most of spending quality time with friends and family without worrying too much about the scales.
And on that note, we sign off! Gem and Sarah are at Bestival this weekend and no doubt having a wonderful time, and Rosie is in Florida enjoying S'mores Pop Tarts and Jolly Ranchers - along with glorious sunshine!! Lucky things!!


  1. Sounds like good going! I tend to worry about social events now and again and whether or not I'll break my streak (especially since I've sworn off the sauce until I hit my goal weight) but you're right - all work and no play sucks all the fun out of this getting fit lark :)

  2. I hope Gem and Sarah had a great time at Bestival!

    Considering you didn't track at all 1.5 really isn't that bad! Hope this week works out for you.

  3. Smores Poptarts sound rather amazing!

    I've had a rather bad week and hoping to rectify this from today!

  4. Wow, sounds like you've done pretty well so far. I went on a 3 week detox earlier in the year and lost about 8lbs. Mostly because I cut out carbs and gluten!

    Bestival was the most fun everrr! I'm totally tempted to go back...

  5. Where are you guys? Come back!