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Sunday Summary 62

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Gemma - I couldn't go to weigh in this week but I have maintained. I've been good all week, been to the gym a couple of times and had a rather restrained night out. However...I came home after my night out and ate two cheese sandwiches and had a roast dinner today with real gravy and roast potatos. Why do I do this to myself?!
Going to hit the gym tomorrow and try and behave before my weigh in on Tuesday. I'm a little worried about the next few weeks because I'm going away on the weekend and it will involve food and drink. It is my brothers 21st soon and that is going to involve food, cake and alcohol. I think going to the gym as much as I can will be very important. Happy to maintain but I don't want any gains!

How do you cope with birthdays and other big events?

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  1. I try and save before them - I find the 0 points soup you can make on weight watchers is a lifesaver in terms of I can make it at the start of each day or every 2 days then eat that for lunch and snacks - and if I have a normal breakfast and dinner and I can have a day off without gaining.