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Wedding Weight Loss

Friday, 23 September 2011

High on many bride-to-be's checklist of things to organise for their big day is weight loss.  He has asked, you've said yes, the venue has been chosen and a date set and then the diet countdown begins.  It may only be for one day and yes, of course he loved you before the diet, but every girl wants to look her best on her big day.  Especially when you know that the photos will be there to haunt you forever. 

I am no different from any other bride-to-be although I did start Slimming World because I didn't want to be the fat bridesmaid at my Sister's wedding.  But I have been really struggling with motivation of late and I don't know why.  The biggest day of my life is in just over two months and I cannot stop shoving chocolate in my face.  What I really want is cake but if I give in to that then I may never stop eating.  The funny thing is I don't usually eat that much chocolate but since I realised I needed to drop a few stone and quickly it's all I can think about.  

Ask me what one thing I want most for my big day and the answer will always be to look thin.  I really want to look beautiful, as every bride does, and for me that means having that perfect nipped in waist.  So why is the only person who can achieve this so hell bent on sabotaging all efforts?  Why did I find it so easy to drop the pounds when I was trying to look good for my Sister's photos and not my own? 

It's time for me to get with the programme and stop being my own worst enemy.  So if you see me in the supermarket buying a big bar of chocolate feel free to take it from me and give me a slap.


  1. Maybe at the moment it doesn't feel real for you? Sometimes you need something to make the wedding real for you. Like for your sisters wedding did you have your dress? invite etc? sometimes its small things.

  2. I can understand that you need to get some motivation, but this is such a sad thing to read! It's so depressing that women put so much pressure on themselves to be thin for their wedding day :(

  3. Aw, I'm sorry you're feeling like this love! I saw this recipe for cake the other day - low fat - maybe you should try it, give in to your cravings?


  4. I think you should go with how you, and your body, feels. If you want to eat chocolate, eat chocolate. Be yourself on your wedding day, and hopefully what you'll see in the photos in years to come will be someone very happy to be marrying the person they love. The most important part of getting married is the life you spend together, so I say focus on that and making yourself and your spouse happy in the long term rather than worrying about your weight :o)

  5. Im trying to find my motivation with slimming world aswell , I hope you find yours soon ! xx

  6. U've being ding great sweetie - with a fab result this week - heres to next week :)


  7. I don't want to have given any of you the wrong impression, I really do want to lose weight and not just for the wedding but for the rest of my life. I was already dieting before I got engaged I am just feeling the pressure right now. I guess it's more the thought of the bikini on the honeymoon that sends cold shivers down my spine...

    @Sarah With Love not sure, it is all feeling very near right now!

    @Ingrid I want to be thin for the rest of my life and don't want to hate looking at photos that will be with me forever. I should have done this a year ago tbh but the weight crept up very quickly :(

    @Sarah thanks love I may have a little cakey treat this weekend. I miss baking!

    @Donna Ive been listening to my body a bit too much recently, it just pretends to be my friend and quietly undoes my hard work!! When everything else is great youre always going to focus on the one thing that's not

    @Penny and Lola I hope you find yours too lovely, Slimming World is amazing when your head is in the right place

    @FeeneyFooFoo I had written this before last nights results so YAY!!


  8. Wow - I agree with Ingrid. This post makes my heart hurt for the pressure women place on themselves. I just got engaged and when planning my wedding the top of my to do list is definitely not losing weight. The only thing you need to lose are the unrealistic expectations you are drowning yourself in. You are gorgeous, your weight does not define you and your wedding should be about you as a couple, not about how you have starved yourself into submission and a single digit sized wedding dress.

  9. @anygirlfriday hey Emma my weight may not define me but it certainly has a massive impact on how I feel about myself. I really don't feel that I am putting unrealistic expectations on myself, I just want to reach my target weight by the time I get married. My BMI will still be firmly planted in the mid-twenties but it will mean that I will feel so much better about myself. I will never be a single digit size and I certainly will never ever starve myself. In all honestly lovely you would never ever have losing weight on your wedding to do list as you don't have any to lose.

  10. I find loosing weight so hard and its what a want most in the world. I dont think it's sad i think its life. Most people strive for something they aren't. good luck darling xxxxxxx

  11. I always think you look gorgeous but I know why you want to lose weight and I know that you have being doing it sensibly so good luck to you! <3

    Maria xxx

  12. There is one thing I don´t really get about losing weight for wedding days...I mean, when I was getting married, I obviously did go on a bit of a diet prior to the wedding (more like a tone up to make sure my arms don´t look too wobbly and stuff:)) but once my dress was all done and ready, which was about 6 weeks before the wedding, I had to try really quite hard to keep my weight within a certain frame and go neither up nor down in order to make sure my dress fits perfectly. I, for example, had to change my gym routine and do a bit less of cardio and a bit more strength.
    So I say...if your dress is ready, don´t worry about weightloss too much! At the end of the day, you´re going to look exactly the way you feel. And you can still feel amazing, even if you didn´t manage to get exactly where you planned to as far as weightloss is concerned. Just enjoy yourself x

  13. @Daniela luckily for me my dress is being custom made so my final fitting will be between 1 and 2 weeks before the wedding. Trying to stay the same size sounds harder than loosing weight!

  14. I find chanting 'fat bride' to myself when the chocolate cravings are calling helps strengthen my will-power!


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