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Who are we?

Where Are My Knees? is a collective of bloggers who, through collective moaning on Twitter, realised that we all have our own individual weight loss goals which we all need support to achieve. Our plan is to work together with a little help from each other and from our readers to achieve our goals. We aim to create a friendly community atmosphere where everyone supports and encourages each other, after all everybody knows how easy it is to put on weight and just how hard it is to shift it! We'll be posting recipes, tips, clever dressing ideas, looking at body image, general support and obviously we will be keeping you updated with how we're all getting on!

The Where Are My Knees? team is made up of:

Gem who is following the Weight Watchers program and has lost nearly 6 stone.She is based near Cardiff.

Previous Members

Sarah, Lauren, Charlene, Sarah V & Lucy.

We'd like to invite other bloggers to share their success stories or any dieting or exercise tips with us and contribute via guest posts, if you're interested please contact us at wherearemyknees@gmail.com.