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My Race for Life - Cardiff 5k

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Up and down the country, women of all ages, shapes and fitness levels will participate in Race for Life events this summer to raise funds for research into treatments and cures for cancer. Since the event’s inception in 1994, more than £500million has been raised for Cancer Research UK, and more than seven million women have played their part in raising both money and awareness for a great cause. I was proud to be one of those seven million women to take part when I ran in the Cardiff Race for Life today. 

I have been using the Kiqplan Race for Life app to prepare for my race. I didn't get to do as much training as I would like because of a few injuries but the app meant that my last minute training was much more focussed thanks to all the reminders. The app had everything you would need to get you ready just twelve weeks before the big race. I wore my Orb for the race (and the rest of the day) and you can see all my steps below. I've loved tracking my activity and the app and tracker have meant that I've pushed myself a bit more.

Based on your fitness level the app set weekly walking and running goals and you are rewarded with performance badges for meeting your goals, or given constructive feedback and advice for getting your race preparations back on track. I'm not particularly motivated so this app was perfect for me.

The atmosphere at the race today was amazing. I know some people grumble about it being a female only event but that really helps me to relax and not be as competitive. I feel uncomfortable at the gym when everything is 'mansplained' to me and I'm typically the only overweight person there. This is a positive event where women of all abilities can feel comfortable so I always enjoy the race. I took part on my own today and the sun came out so I found it hard to run the whole 5k. Running with friends last year meant thatI kept up with the other a little more but I was happy with my race.

I completed in 37 minutes and I'm ok with that. Yes, someone who is fit can do it in half the time and some people can run 10k in that time but I was pleased that I jogged most of the way and didn't stop.

Even though my race is over you can still donate to my Race for Life Just Giving page. I would love to reach my £150 target and all the money goes to CRUK who are working everyday to beat cancer

  • £8 kits out scientists with a lab timer, helping them to find out what makes a cancer cell tick.
  • £20 buys a lab coat, box of gloves and goggles. Not only geek chic, but vital items to help scientists carry out life-saving research.
  • £70 pays for a Bunsen burner to help ignite groundbreaking research on a daily basis.
  • £180 pays for one day of a trial to discover faster diagnosis and new therapies to treat brain cancer.
  • £300 buys a hotplate to warm special solutions, turning up the temperature on groundbreaking research.
  • £450 pays for one day of a trial to diagnose prostate cancer earlier and more efficiently.

Lots of the Race for Life events have already taken place this summer but you can still sign up for races in Exeter & Swansea (lots more too) and some new 5k Pretty Muddy races have been added in September. 

Did you take part in Race for life this year? How did you get on?


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